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Conference Management

Executive Summary

Companies seek to outsource the management of important industry events, to:

· Achieve cost savings through professional budgeting

· Access negotiating power and creativity outside their organisation

· Ensure that the conference is run professionally

· Free staff from administrative duties, allowing them to spend time on more strategic activities

· Increase attendance at the conference

Figure 1. Proven track record. World Conference Systems has been organising events for thirty years, from as few participants as fifteen to as many as 960.

World Conference Systems have the capability to meet these needs, with thirty years experience organising conferences, seminars, workshops and corporate events. We manage events with as few participants as fifteen to a high of 960 people, with the aim of producing and delivering a quality event for the attendees, with a financially successful outcome for the customer. We have the resources and capability to meet your requirements for any event/conference.

Professional Conference Management

Why hire a professional conference manager? For the same reason you hire any professional service - because we are the experts in our field.

A professional organiser uses their knowledge, experience and negotiating power to achieve the most professional and financially successful outcome for you. Areas of expertise in conference management include:

Critical Path Management
We can establish a critical path that will be the working model for all conference planning and execution. This keeps you on track with specific tasks and deadlines, identifies responsibilities, and allows for best use of resources.

We have experience in developing and administering conference budgets that cover all key operational areas. We can also keep track of budgets relating to sub-committees and third parties.

Brochures and Printed Materials
The first contact most participants have is with the conference brochure. World Conference Systems has specialised experience writing and designing conference brochures and are the publishers of Coatings and Fabrication magazine and former publishers of The Business Improvement Journal for the Australian Organisation for Quality.

Figure 2. Professional Brochures and Printed Materials
. A good conference organiser will have access to expertise in these areas.

We can provide direction and assistance to help you meet and exceed your goals through sponsorship.

Registrations and Mailing
We coordinate a comprehensive registration system, create databases, process registration payments and generally assist with participants' requirements.

Exhibition Management
Exhibitions strengthen ties between businesses, associations and individuals. We are available to take care of all levels of exhibit organisation, including accounting and essential liaison between exhibitors, the event and the exhibition venue.

Figure 3. Professional exhibition management. The exhibition adds to your event and becomes an important revenue stream if handled correctly.

Our Suitability to Stage These Events
World Conference Systems provides a personalised service and has a track record of 30 years as a successful event organisation company. Past events have been made up by as few as fifteen participants to a high of 960 people. Some of our larger projects include:

  • Where in the '90's , Australian Foundry Institute
  • Start to Finish , Australasian Institute of Metal Finishing
  • Solutions to Everyday Problems , X-ray Analytical Conference
  • Bridging the Sciences , ACEM13
  • Paint'n'Powder: Solutions to Everyday Problems (1994-1996)
  • Contract Powder Coasters Congress (1997-1998)
  • Pan Pacific QUALCON '98
  • TechTrain 2001 - Best Practice in Technical Service
  • Improving Business, National Annual Quality Conference (2001)
  • Gold Award for Quality - 2000-present
  • 80 th Birthday Celebratory Dinner for The Rotary Club of Brisbane.
  • The Professions-Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
  • Qualcon 2005.

Figure 4 . A fully operational foundry, set up at Conrad Jupiters (Gold Coast) and used to cast aluminium metal during our largest conference, the 4 th Asian Foundry Congress, which had over 900 attendees

Suitability of Key Staff!
Mario Pennisi, General Manager, World Conference Systems.

Mario has had a distinguished career in the field of metallurgy, working in the commercial sector before becoming the Manager of the Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering at The University of Queensland. He presented at conferences worldwide and published fourteen books.

Mario holds qualifications in Quality Management and is a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality, a Committee Member of Standards Australia, a member of AOQ, and is named in Who's Who.

Our Services

  • Preparation and updating of a conference budget
  • Preparation and updating of surplus or deficit estimates for two different registration fees, for comparison purposes
  • Preparation and updating of the policy document for the conference, as reference for all decisions pertaining to the conference
  • Preparation and updating of the milestone chart to keep track of milestones and bottlenecks
  • Use of our mailing lists, if relevant
  • Development and maintenance of a web site for the conference
  • Collection and banking of all cheques to an account of your choice, for which World Conference Systems WILL NOT be a signatory for withdrawals
  • A detailed statement of income and expenditure including the latest income or expenditure and debtors compared to budget, available to the committee during regular reports or on request
  • A report detailing the latest registrant, income and/or expenditure available to the committee during regular reports or on request
  • Preparation and mailing of personalised letters to all speakers
  • Preparation and distribution of Authors Packages to accepted speakers
  • Automatic reminders to authors of manuscript deadlines
  • Preparation and distribution of Presentation Notes to speakers
  • Preparation and distribution of invitations and notes to session chairpersons
  • Collection and computer processing of delegate and partner registrations and visitor registrations
  • Preparation of personalised letters for merging to our mailing databases
  • Collating, folding and inserting all letters and brochures to approved mailing lists
  • Preparation of publicity material for your Organisation's Journal
  • Organisation of the printing of brochures, transactions, merged letters and any other printing
  • Post office box for all correspondence
  • Assistance with selection and set up of audio visual services and equipment
  • Assistance with the selection of satchels, or similar
  • Assistance with negotiations with domestic and international airlines
  • Manning of the conference registration booth from the day prior to the conference until the conference closure
  • Graphic design, development and finished artwork for brochures
  • Sales office for trade exhibition booths
  • Sales office for sponsorships
  • Credit card facilities for VISA, Bankcard, MasterCard, Diners and American Express

You also receive the benefits of our professional computer software, designed to perform administrative steps quickly and accurately once delegate, partner and visitor information has been entered. Once we have entered the data, we prepare:

  • A letter confirming registration details, which is merged, printed and mailed to the delegate (where appropriate)
  • A banking slip detailing the drawee, bank, branch and amount for banking purposes and for bank statement reconciliation
  • An accommodation list for the conference accommodation house(s)
  • A list of persons attending the individual functions
  • A list of delegates, including lastname, firstname, title, position, company, address, telephone numbers and facsimile number
  • A list of delegates showing name and affiliation only, for general distribution
  • A list of partners showing lastname, firstname and title
  • A final registration form and nametag will be provided to each delegate and partner when they register on arrival to the conference.
  • The nametag includes a coded list of the events for which the delegate or partner has registered

Figure 5. Professional Conference Management System. Our system performs administrative tasks quickly, accurately and efficiently.


World Conference Systems has experienced staff and access to proven conference management guidelines, developed over their thirty successful years in the business. As the conference/event manager for your events, we will support your objectives

We feel sure that our joint experience and efforts will make your event/conference an outstanding success.

Allow us to provide you with a quotation for your next event. You will find us very competitive.

We provide personalised services by the people who own the business!
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