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World Conference Systems develop, plan, organise and deliver incentive programmes.

What is an incentive?

An incentive is something that gets someone or a number of people to do an activity that they do NOT normally want to do.

Does that ring a bell with you? eg not too long ago, a friend mentioned to me that he could not get his white-collar staff to write business beyond their monthly target - once target was achieved then they slacken off. What would induce these white-collar workers to do more?

Commission, you say. Yes, that may do it, but in some sectors that is unheard of.

Enter the incentive programme.

The incentive programme may include a cash incentive, or a merchandise and chattels incentive or a travel (wow factor) incentive. There is a place for each of these and which is successful often depends on the age of the person being motivated. The incentive programme may include one of these or a combination of two or more.

Incentives may be for individual performance, or for team performance.

Incentive programmes are most suited to accountants, lawyers/solicitors, financial planners, wealth generators, etc, where output can be measured eg dollars written, or hours charged, etc. That is important, output must be measurable.

A good incentive programme may or may not allow for accumulation of incentive dollars over a period for a larger package.

World Conference Systems can help develop an incentives programme for each member of staff or for teams of staff and remember - it doesn't cost anything, it actually adds to the bottom line .

Who do you know that has associates that just achieve target each month and who wants more from them?


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